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Take Pictures Today and Make Money with them Tomorrow

It's easy to take a picture!  Follow the steps below.

1)  Get your camera out.
2)  Turn it on.
3)  Make sure the lens cover is off.
4)  Point and shoot.

Just kidding...   

For more tips on taking easy pictures see the home page Pictures Today or see some more tips above and below.
Do you have trouble taking good pictures?  Do you find yourself looking at your pictures and feeling like they could have been a whole lot better?   Does it seem like the pictures you take are kinda plain?  For some good tips keep reading.

The Simple and the Obvious

This may seem too simple and obvious...  When you are taking a picture of someone ask them to look to the left or right of the lens of your camera.  That slight angle works wonders.  If you remember to do this one simple thing you'll find yourself deleting fewer pictures.

Now on your end, you will be looking though your viewfinder.  Do not center the person or object in the viewfinder, instead aim as if you are looking just to the open space around either side of them.

Other Tips

Lets move on to scenery.  In the case of scenery in photos, take along a 4 foot step ladder.  Climb up the ladder a few rungs and take the shot looking down at that slight angle.  That little bit of perspective change will give you a very different picture.

Another photo tip is when taking a picture of something small,  just try to focus on the object only, not the background.  In the case of a puppy or other animal you will be surprised.

It's time to quit being an amateur photographer thinking only about what's in front of you and start thinking about what's going to make the best shot.  The best way to improve your skills is with experience, so get out there and start taking lots of pictures.  These basic photography skills will start you on your way to becoming a  professional photographer and greatly improving your photos.

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Usually, we take pictures in order to preserve memories.  That's why the invention of digital cameras is so nice.  No more wasted film!

As the photographer, it's up to you to know how to take a good picture. If you need some ideas, here are some tips to improve your shots.

1) Find the best angle.

People and pets have different angles. Sometimes, a shot will look better from the left or from the right. The subject rarely knows, so it's up to you to determine the best angle for the picture.

It's not only about left and right though. It's also about how high or low you angle your camera.  For example, positioning yourself too low will only catch the unflattering view of say... uncle Frank's nostrils and aunt Mary's double chin!

2) Catch candid moments.
Another way to take good pictures of people is to catch them during candid moments. Sometimes, people have a hard time smiling naturally in front of the camera which will often ruin an otherwise good shot.

However, by catching them off gaurd, you'll have a better chance of scoring a nice shot.  Just try to get your timing right because candid moments can also make for unflattering pictures.

3) Try different positions.

Many photographers like to take pictures of people by lining them up side by side. While there's nothing really wrong with such a shot, often the picture will turn out boring.

If you want to take good pictures of people, try out different positions. Group them together and take their picture from up high so their faces are the ones in focus. Be as fun and as creative as the situation allows.

It's easy to learn how to take good pictures of people. You don't have to buy the latest camera model to come up with fantastic photos. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and an understanding of the overall composition of the shot.

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